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KatnissLee from Guangzhou on 2014-05-17
hi,I'm a student from China,who wants to improve her English
Kevin from 苏州昆山 on 2013-10-04
Echo Chung from Guangzhou on 2013-08-25
Charlie from wenzhou on 2013-07-26
I want to improve my English ,I want to make some friends.My QQ number is 2488514304 from shanghai on 2013-07-20
i want to make some friends
Charlie from wenzhou on 2013-07-17
I want to go USA
stamn from ShenZhen on 2013-07-03
Hi, there, fresh birds
艾军峰 from 南昌 on 2013-04-14
I hope make friend.
Zero from China on 2013-04-12
I want to make friends/My English is so poor……55555……
terryzhu from shanghai on 2013-04-08
study english every day more and more.
Rover from SANYA on 2013-04-06
I like english
zhidongliu from ShangHai on 2013-03-31
Hello everyone.I want to chat you,but I'm poor.
chengyu from chongqing on 2013-03-20
possible from chinese on 2013-03-15
l well try
Frank from ShangHai on 2013-03-14
Hi, everybody.
nina from hefei on 2013-01-30
i like english very much,i want someone can chat with me,and improve our english!please connect me
Edison Tan from GanZhou on 2013-01-06
I like English.I wanna improve my English.
xiaoguai from bj on 2012-12-21
today happy
Sochelle from Shenzhen on 2012-12-04
This is the first time I came here, I think it's very interesting to make up a story. I will come back.
jason from china shenzhen on 2012-11-14
i think i am interested in english,
Sophia from Beijing on 2012-11-07
Hello, everyone, it is the first time i come here. i have just finished the online Channel class in WSE, that cute teacher told us this is what he does besides working in WSE. i find it quite useful and lots of fun, i also download the app. i will come again :)
cherry from shenzhen on 2012-11-06
I want to study English very well
dj from ningbo on 2012-10-27
I want make many friends~~
Sydern from LIANLUNGANG on 2012-10-24
My english is poor.
bruce from 石河子 on 2012-10-07
I want to improve my English level
Lily from 成都 on 2012-10-05
ouTTowMan from chengdu on 2012-09-16
I want my English better!!
ruquasong from TAIYUAN on 2012-09-10
I think I can learn English well
levanhung from guangzhou on 2012-08-24
i love english
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