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charles from 上海 on 2013-12-02
I crazy about study english
Serik from Almati on 2013-07-26
I want to learn Kazakh.
Assel from from Kazakhstan in city Uralsk on 2013-05-19
I want to learn English)))
tingting li from shang hai on 2013-05-07
I want to learn English.
Jude from shanghai on 2013-03-19
i like english
zhang chenglong from nassau on 2012-12-07
hello ,i hope that i can improve my English here.
zhangweiwei from xingtai on 2012-11-19
Hi,I hope that my English level could improve by studying.
zhangweiwei from xingtai on 2012-11-19
Hi,I hope that my English level could improve by studying.
john from beijing on 2012-10-27
liujing from china on 2012-10-23
i am crazy about learning English.
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