We are looking for Summer Camp English Teachers , starting in 2013 June , who will work with kids age group between 7 to 13 , You will teach english in the schools by focusing on the students' subjects which they have learnt whole semestre. You will join all the activities with the kids, like picnics, swimmimg, bowling or short historical trips etc, and also you will teach them how to make sentences in English and practise their english by playing games etc. The teacher must be very creative and active and energetic in the class. The teacher must be well skilled in teaching. It will be very enjoyable for the teachers as well. You will see different cultres and places and the schools will have many outdoor activities that you will like , they will take the teachers and the students to the historical and important places of the city that the school located. It will be like a paid holiday for you . You can work in more than one city since the summer camps are longer than winter camps. And also if you want to continue working in Turkey for long term , this will be the best opportunity for you because the schools will observe the teachers and they will work with these teac