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Anne THornburg from Miami on 2019-11-18
Though the language spoken in Britain and America is the different but some stances like climbing treestands for bow hunting are same in both language
Ronald F. Work from California on 2019-10-08
i don't spend much time with British peoples so i can use both British and American extent. The best thing about British is their life style they are so simple and the impressive thing is they use to read books before go to bed and they use use big and tall recliners for resting.
Anderson from New york on 2019-10-07
Webster wanted American spelling to not only be more straightforward but different from UK spelling, as a way of America showing its independence from the former British rule. like Best Softball glove for infielder are in American spelling means English(USA).
Alexander Johnston from California on 2019-10-07
Interesting play game but i love to be american and i also like the life style of Americans few months ago i visited to a american friend and i love to see the diy belt driven ceiling fans it was looking good and when i ask him for the price i was shock (Read More)
Bernard E Nutt from alaska on 2019-09-25
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