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Question: Topic - Spare Time
-What do you do in your spare time?
-Do you think spare time is very important to you?
-Does the leisure time of people in your country less now than it was ten years ago?

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Essay answer written by DAWN-IELTS2 on 3 / 11 / 2014

1.Well, in my spare time,i prefer to do tons of things actually. First and foremost,complete the study mission is the crucial thing that i have to do. Next, work out with my friends is a excellent alternative as well. Last but not least, I'll stay at home reading some books, listening some touching music and fertilizing my Chinese roses.
2.Definitely, free time is significant to me. Not only can i study some optional courses, but also relieve myself. furthermore, i can enhance my relationship bonds with my bosom friends.
3.From my perspective, nowadays, people's leisure time is less than a decade ago. Due to the competition pressure of people from all walks, workers have to dedicate themselves into plenty of works which contribute to this difference.

CommentsComments or Questions:
Master_Craig from Metropolis on 2014-02-27

-Most of the time I spend my leisure time watching TV series such as TVB from Hong Kong.
The reason is that many TV series narrate stories regarding work life, which is something I've recently entered.
-I can become familiar with my future office life, at least to a certain extent.
-yes, I think that spare time is quite important to me, because I can utilise my time to do what I want to do.
-For example, I can do some exercise to enhance my physique and strength.
-It depends what people do, not their age.
-Different vocations are different.
-For instance, designers almost have no leisure time and do a lot of overtime when flooded with projects. By contrast, bank
Master_Craig from Metropolis on 2014-02-27

I always spend my spare time on just relaxing or reading some novels.
I guess yes. Because spare time can make me relax and calm down when I am tired or anxious.
Of course. Chinese people are becoming busier and busier.
Some people even do not have any alone time.
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