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Question: Topic - A Good Friend
Describe one of your best friends.

You should say:
-how you met each other
-how long you have known each other
-how your spent time together

and explain why you think he/she is your best friend.

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Essay answer written by Hanna on 9 / 15 / 2014

My best friend is Ann.We are the classmate. We studied in the same senior high school. The first time I met her, I thought she was a beautiful girl. She looks like a doll.
We have known each other for four years. Although we don't know each other for a long time, we still try our best to help each other. I taught her how to do chemical homework, and she helped me deal with the stress.
We always chat with each other online, but when we spent time together, we seldom said a lot of things and we just do our own things. I don't think language is the only way to communicate. She can understand what I want without the word.
The way I think is similiar to the way she thinks. And we can share our feelings. We give each other the space and we share the secret that we won't talk to others.And we will keep the secret. We believe each other.

CommentsComments or Questions:
Jasmine Jack from Alabama on 2019-02-12
A good analyst is also very valued if you are in a pay for research paper troubled relationship. Yet, a real friend is someone who will tell you the truth. Not in a hurtful or abusive way, but in a helpful way. If you don't famine to hear them, you won't ask them for guidance in the future.