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Essay answer written by on 12 / 31 / 1969

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Amber Angela from Austin on 2018-07-28
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Neil chen from Bristol on 2017-12-05
I love ziz
I zink I will ged a lot of girle frend
I lave you
ziz was very inzerestzing
I live in UK but I no how 2 zpeak inglish
fack you
abu sfyan from libya on 2017-08-15
hi i am abu sufyan.
I hope leran english
Luke from San Diego on 2017-08-01
I'm Chinese and I failed the test, WTF???
wudi from hangzhou on 2016-09-27
lets play some boar!!!!
Isabella from Fuzhou on 2016-09-26
It's iteresting!
haiyu from GZ on 2014-12-10
Alexia from Mexico on 2014-10-04
Smith.Smith from Shanghai on 2013-09-26
You guys implanted some advertising in webpages!It is bad.
Mark from Shanghai on 2013-07-12
This is the best way to learn English, like playing a game!
Iclovero from Nanjing on 2013-04-13
thanks! I can really study English.
Lily Ann M. A. Flores from Shanghai on 2013-04-01
hey, this is fun. "chinglish" is my favorite. haha (kissiw!)/ dapat nilaro ko ito noon pa
jong32 from Shanghai on 2013-03-31
Ahaha! 3rd from the top!!! Whew! Happy Fool's Day everyone!
james from Hoc chi minh on 2013-03-31
I'm chinese in hoc chi minh
jong32 from Shanghai on 2013-03-31
can't even make it to the top list! grrrr!!!! haha
Ali from Shanghai on 2013-03-30
Great fun! (and so informative, I may say)^_^
BTW, I'll be on that high score list soon.
(*flared up*)
Cheey Ge from Danyang on 2013-03-29
Cedric from Beijing on 2013-03-23
I like it !
nicholas from tianjin on 2013-03-02
This is amazing place .I like it .
Sam from Shanghai on 2013-02-27
I was rubbish! Haha
alex from shanghai on 2013-02-24
very good. i like this game. try again.
catherine from shanghai on 2013-02-19
I wanna to earn as much as golden coins as high as a mountain!!!
Wang Heng from Dalian on 2013-02-01
Leo.A from Chengdu on 2013-01-20
intersting and useful.
arman from wulumuqi on 2013-01-20
very good i like amrica
woodhead9 from panshi on 2013-01-19
Jessica from Nanning on 2013-01-14
Here's Jessica from China!I like it!That's Great!
laura from shanghai on 2012-11-15
It's interesting.
Shelly from Shanghai on 2012-11-11
It's interesting.
thehonestman from Kangding on 2012-11-09
Very good!
庄锋 from 郑州 on 2012-11-02
very good!
Maltose from zhengzhou on 2012-10-21
it's so embarrassed , i'll continue to make a great effort
levay from beijing on 2012-09-22
zoe from shenhen on 2012-09-19
i like little quiz like this .
jinghan from Guangzhou on 2012-09-14
God,i need more practices
Gu from Wuhan on 2012-09-12
I enjoy
Carter from beijing on 2012-09-11
i happy
ruquasong from TAIYUAN on 2012-09-10
I think more quizzes are needed
Mary from Champlin on 2012-09-02
These are good exercises. How can you get them into language learning classes?
Mary from Champlin, MN on 2012-08-25
These are really fun quizzes. I sure know more about the US than other countries. I need to improve that.
Fanxing MENG from Shanghai on 2012-08-17
I am a student of ECNU.
Mark from Shanghai on 2012-08-15
Hi, we hope you enjoyed playing our little tests and quizzes~! You can leave us a message here if you have any ideas, thank you!