Hello, my name is Tom, and I am an English teacher with 16 years experience, living and working in Shenzhen China. For ten years before coming to live in China I taught English in America, and for the last 6 years I have been teaching English to both children and adults in China. I have two masters degrees, one in English, and the other in Education. Whatever aspects of English you wish to learn, I can teach you. Vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, writing, listening skills, reading comprehension, business English, proper usage, everything you need to learn. You will not find many teachers who can offer everything I teach, as a person needs both the education, and practical experience. Being someone who speaks English as a first language does not mean a person can teach grammar, and to be honest, few foreign English teachers in China can teach this aspect of English. I am trained and experienced in it's teaching, so where most others cannot, I can. All lessons are private, one on one, and held at the location that is most convenient for you, the student. I come to you, and it does not matter where you live, so you don't need to worry about where I live; coming to you where ev